Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Personal announcement

 So my friends, I have a personal announcement to make. My wonderful husband was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday morning. I won't go into details, but he had one brain surgery last night and another one this morning. They're thinking he'll go into extended care for 3 weeks after he's released. So as far as my quilting business goes, I'm still planning on working, I just don't know when. I'm taking things day by day right now. Anyone who has a quilt with me, and you would like your quilt back to take to another longarm quilter, please email me. I completely understand and would not be upset at any of you. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time in our family.



Sunday, March 12, 2023

Public Service Announcement - for Quilt Patch bom - Blue Among the Stars

Public Service Announcement for anybody who did the Quilt Patch (Tecumseh Michigan) block of the month from 2022 - Blue Among the Stars. In a lot of the blocks and in the border fabric (if you bought the finishing kit), QP chose an 1895 saturated dark blue batik. BEWARE - It Runs and Bleeds. I just had a client who successfully washed it - here's the instructions:

1) Wash normally with 5 Shout color catchers; areas of blue dye bleeding onto white areas; (see picture);

2) Wash again. This time with 2 tablespoons with Dawn dish soap and 2/3 cup Oxiclean. plus more color catchers. Double Rinse.
3) 2nd Wash Results - still some bleeding; (see picture 2) 

4) 3rd Wash. Put stain stick on prominent areas of blue dye bleeding. Back into the washer for a 3rd wash. Used 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish washing soap; plus a Gain laundry pod; plus 3 Shout Color Catchers; plus a double rinse;
5) Summary: Washed 3 times with 5 rinse cycles;
6) Results: Finally got most of the fabric dye out of the white areas. (see picture).


Friday, March 10, 2023

What's on the Frame? Elizabeth B's Blue Lagoon quilt

 What's on the Frame? Elizabeth B's Blue Lagoon quilt. Elizabeth chose the quilting pattern Daisies. Then we used a white thread.





Wednesday, March 8, 2023

What's on the Frame? Pam K's Harold the Hare quilt

What's on the Frame? Pam K's Harold the Hare quilt. Pam chose the quilting pattern Loopy. Then we used a light blue, light yellow and light green thread called Soft Sunrise.





Monday, March 6, 2023

What's on the Frame? Martha H's (my mom) Sweet Sixteen hand applique quilt

 What's on the Frame? Martha H's (my mom) Sweet Sixteen hand applique quilt. We chose the quilting pattern Encircled 3. This is a great pattern for an applique quilt because it's dense enough to catch most of the pieces. Then we used a beige thread called Flax.





Friday, March 3, 2023

New Thread Alert!

New Thread Alert! You all know how much I love variegated thread. And I know you all do too! That's why I keep buying new color combinations of threads when I see some that I think you would like. Here's 4 new ones that came in:

Top row, left to right:
1) Egypay Rose; (variegated medium to dark roses);
2) Chalice; (light to medium roses);
Bottom row, left to right:
3) Heather; (variegated light, medium and dark mauves);
4) Paradise; (variegated silver, green, blue and purple);


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

What's on the Frame? Susan M's scrappy green quilt

What's on the Frame? Susan M's scrappy green quilt. Susan chose the quilting pattern Interlocking Squares, which mimic the piecing in the quilt. Then we used a solid medium green thread called Reed.





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