Saturday, July 11, 2020

Vacation Project 40 - Sherbet Cake Mix Quilt Top

Vacation Project 40 - Hey guys - today I finished the most awesome quilt top ever! I made this Sherbet quilt from what's called "Cake Mix" papers. You stitch along the lines, tear off the paper and put all the pieces together. What's so awesome about this is that I DID NOT follow the pattern (What a surprise, right?). Instead of putting sashing in between all the blocks and rows, I thought it would look good to just put the blocks together with no sashing. What happened, unexpectedly, was a secondary pattern of white blocks in the middle! I put a picture of the original pattern so you can see the contrast.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Vacation Project 39 - Chianti Java Batiks Quilt cut up

Vacation Project 39 - Today I cut up a new project. This was a stack of green/dark blue Java batiks that I bought back in 2014. I think I found a great project for them. It's a pattern called Chianti by Villa Rosa Designs. I have two nephews that just got engaged, so I think this would make a great wedding quilt.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Vacation Project 38 - New water heater

Vacation Project 38 - Yesterday, I had an unplanned vacation project. Not fun - but necessary. A new water heater! It was 12 years old and rusting. Instead of waiting for it to leak (or worse - rupture), we decided that since I was off work and I had no client quilts around, that this week would be a good week to replace it. Took a lot of covering things up, moving things around, taking up my floor tiles, but my studio is back in order now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Vacation Project 37 - Quilt Diva Wallhanging

Vacation Project 37 - Today I quilted and bound and made a rod pocket for my "Quilt Diva" wallhanging - Finally! I made this in 2010 and it's been sitting here. I've learned a lot since 2010 and figured out how to finish it (I used a fine line sharpie marker to outline her) and quilt it so that it looks okay. (Note the background behind her is white - my picture on the wall turned yellowish).

Monday, July 6, 2020

Vacation Project 36 - Yellow and Gray/Black Intrigue quilt

Vacation Project 36 - Today I got the binding on a quilt my niece. I made this quilt from a pattern called "Intrigue" by Villa Rosa Designs. I quilted it with a pattern called Interlocking Dots. I hope she likes it!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Vacation Project 35 - Intrigue pillowcases

Vacation Project 35 - I also made up a pair of pillowcases. These match the quilt that I'm putting the binding on right now. Will post that tomorrow......

Vacation Project 34 - Pandemonium project cut up

Vacation Project 34 - Today I cut up a project using a Villa Rosa pattern called Pandemonium. This was a stack of fabric from the Basic Grey line of fabric called Sweet Serenade. This was a project from 5 years ago or so. I tried another sample project a few years ago from these fabrics and it just wasn't working. So I think this one is going to be great!

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